Who we are

What to expect

Expect 45 minutes of hands-on fun during this lively interactive session. It has been designed to make computing and computational thinking highly accessible to all primary school teachers.

The presenters will also showcase Barefoot’s New Term Survival Guides, which help busy teachers survive the first few weeks of any new term by using Barefoot’s fantastic free resources.  

Is this good for Shropshire?

This is brilliant news for Shropshire. The computational concepts Barefoot supports can help the county consolidate its position of having the highest educational attainment in the West Midlands region.

Computing skills are expected to continue to be among the most sought-after in our increasingly digital world. As well as helping pupils’ career prospects, this also offers Shropshire’s next generation the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of pioneering Salopians, like the naturalist Charles Darwin.

Who is it for?

All primary school teachers will enjoy this session. Those responsible for teaching the computing curriculum will find it invaluable. But teachers will also see how the concepts lend themselves to other areas of the curriculum. This means that they can help support subjects like literacy, numeracy and science, as well as computing.

What’s in it for me?

The session mirrors a Barefoot workshop. Hands-on, lively and accessible, they are specifically designed to allow teachers to find out more about Barefoot’s computational thinking concepts and activities. We’d be covering around five example lesson plans during the workshop. Research carried out by Ipsos Mori shows that teachers are more confident about computing after a Barefoot workshop. This is partly because they feel ready to use its resources in the classroom, immediately!

Who is going to present the session?

This session will be presented by Samantha Harvey and Tommy Moore. Samantha is from Shropshire and is an experienced Barefoot Volunteer, working with schools across the region to promote tech literacy.

Tommy will be introducing the audience to the exciting world of Barefoot. A former teacher with a passion for all things tech, Tommy works with the Barefoot team to help teachers take their first steps with computing. He specialises in helping support teachers new to, or nervous about, the computing curriculum.

What do I need to bring along?

An open mind and a sense of fun!

About Barefoot

Barefoot provides schools throughout the UK with free resources, workshops and lesson plans to help them get to grips with the computing curriculum. So far, Barefoot has been used by 44,000 primary school teachers. This has resulted in it reaching 1.25 million pupils across the UK. Find out more by visiting www.barefootcas.org.uk.