Our team of experts offers support when working with students who have behavioural, emotional or school attendance difficulties. We'll work with your school to raise standards and help each child and young person to receive a rounded full-time education.

It's our belief that when children and young people are in school they should be safe and able to fulfil their potential, and our team will work with you to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Our professional and experienced team will be able to provide you with a full range of inclusion and education welfare support, and is able to work with your school to address particularly complex issues or model strategies if required.

How we can support you

We offer advice and support on all aspects of education welfare:

  • Expert service with professional standards relating to education law around school attendance, children missing education, elective home education, pupil exclusion and child employment
  • An overview of local and national trends in school absence and exclusions
  • Improved attendance/higher attainment
  • Support for pupils and parents to help them effect change in patterns of behaviour that lead to poor attendance
  • Inclusion staff skilled in assessment and planning to avert permanent exclusions resulting in low permanent exclusion rates
  • Reduced numbers of fixed-term exclusions
  • Improved outcomes for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties
  • Support for staff managing challenging behaviour
  • An experienced multi-agency approach to ensure appropriate and effective early intervention

Our Offer

  • Development and implementation of strategies to address specific areas impacting attendance
  • Termly strategic review and annual attendance action plan
  • Contribution to school policies
  • Regular register reviews to identify children with <90% (PA threshold)
  • Professional case management advice and training for school staff
  • Advice and preparation for Ofsted inspections
  • Letters to parents
  • Home visits
  • Parent meetings (attendance)
  • Fast track interventions
  • Holidays in term time processes
  • Needs assessment
  • Individual casework and case management
  • Group work
  • Record keeping
  • Referrals to other services


“The OFSTED inspector noted the input of the Education Access Service (who I couldn’t praise enough) and that attendance has significantly improved!”

(Headteacher of a school in special measures)